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  • The Thrifty Deafies Blog is open to anybody and everyone. That blog is for help people how to use useful coupons to save their money from wasting spend on the money. Coupons can increase your needs and your wantness, too! There are so many worthy tips to save a lot of money! For one explain, if you use a coupon for fruits, you will only spend a few tens cents or, if better, no cent at all! If you are interested to join there, you should visit the Thrifty Deafies Blog on Facebook.

  • Greatest Goods: "you can pick your cause of where to donate too, buy SUPER discounted cool things, and 100% goes to that charity. I do it, get tons of cool stuff while donating, please check it out! I donated to 14 sick children to get medicine in ordering some cool things." -- Jenni Coffin, Pro-Life Educator

(More useful websites are coming up soon...)