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(*) = Religiously affiliated groups

Pregnancy Assistance

Birthright International

Candle in the Window

In Shifra's Arms / Jewish Unplanned Pregnancy Assistance (*)

Nurturing Network

Option Line (*)

More informative websites can be found at here.

After Abortion

Abortion Recovery

After Abortion (*)


World Psychiatric Association

More informative websites can be found at here.

Adoption, Foster Care, & Guardianship

Disabled Adoptive Parent (International [?])

Hague Adoption Convention (International)

International Foster Care Organisation (International)

Adopts US Kids (USA)

Black Adoption Myths and Realities (USA)

Family Equality Council; A GLBT-friendly Site (USA)

Canada Adopts! -- Waiting Parents: Myths (Canada)

Australian Intercountry Adoption Network (Australian)

More informative websites can be found at here.

If it is not what you are looking for, you can find many different sections for more information, which are found at the two dictionaries, via Nonviolet Choice and All Our Lives. Those on-topic sections are: Mother & Child Health (during & after pregnancy), Parenting/Childrearing, Food & Nutrition, Clothing, Shelter, Finances & Income, Education, Employment/Career, Relationships, and much more!

If you are a man, or a transexual man, you can visit the Male Responibility via Nonviolet Choice.

Have any question? If you do, please feel free to post a comment for feedback, suggestion, provide some helpful & informative websites, and whatever you want to say something!

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