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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Overhauled DPL'ers Blogspot

It'd been a while since the last post I updated.

I now have 4 computer parts left before I can build a new computer, so I cleaned up all of old entries except one is Facebook group for Deaf and hoh PL'ers. I'm planning to use YouTube (or maybe other similar site?) with closed caption and transcriptions for Deaf & Blind, so that's only way non-English people can understand better.

But, I have a concern about YouTube have a plenty of pro-choice Deaf persons over there. From my experience, they're so hostile toward Deaf lifers and always called them "anti-woman" or "anti-choice". If I recall, they said that some Deaf feminists can't be called pro-life. They "have to" be pro-choice or get out. So... I might use ProLifeTube instead. I don't know for sure, yet...

Yeah, it's pretty not much difference from hearing pro-choicers, through...